Politikids was a short video project created a month or so before…
Dior - Eau Sauvage

Eau Sauvage & Rene Gruau

I was around seventeen when I decided to give up using whatever cologne was re-gifted…

Sensual Empire Umbrella

I just snagged one of these from Art Lebedev via Amazon – they have some truly great…
Typewriter Cufflinks

Typewriter Cufflinks

I’ve always wanted cufflinks made of human molars in homage to the Great Gatsby –…


Lucian Wintrich is a brand strategist and digital creative. After graduating from Bard College in 2012, he has worked as Business Strategist at Einhorn Media Group, in addition to writing a dozen scripts and a few half finished books, he freelances as a graphic/web designer. Like any good Generation Y’er, he has a great affinity for 90s era weirdness and a self-importance that takes pride in writing about himself in the third person.

Kelly Reichardt

Wintrich is undeniably one of the best filmmakers of his generation, if not the past five generations.

— Kelly Reichardt

Shepard Smith

Lucian Baxter Wintrich IV is the most prolific new media developer in modern American history.

— Shepard Smith

Karl Rove

Lucian Wintrich is the sexiest man alive.

— Karl Rove