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Jordache: Unfaded

Jordache soars into popularity through an aggressive ad campaign that sets the…


Lucian Wintrich is a brand strategist and digital creative. After graduating from Bard College in 2012, he has worked as Business Strategist at Einhorn Media Group, in addition to writing a dozen scripts and a few half finished books, he freelances as a graphic/web designer. Like any good Generation Y’er, he has a great affinity for 90s era weirdness and a self-importance that takes pride in writing about himself in the third person.

Kelly Reichardt

Wintrich is undeniably one of the best filmmakers of his, if not the past five, generations.

— Kelly Reichardt

Shepard Smith

Lucian Baxter Wintrich IV is the most prolific new media developer in modern American history.

— Shepard Smith

Karl Rove

Lucian Wintrich is the sexiest man alive.

— Karl Rove