Announcing My New Position as Rabble Co-Founder, CD


While I am eternally grateful and #blessed that up until recently I was able to focus my marketing talents peddling chocolate at an incredible company until ‘ideological differences’ struck, I am even more excited to announce the next stage of my career.
Over the course of the past month, Ali and I have founded multimedia company Rabble. I am assuming the role of Creative Director. While I am a conservative, above my political leanings, I believe in free speech and free expression. Having started my first magazine at 15 and registered my first company at 17, I have always been active in media and the business behind it. I believe that intelligent and thought out content should always surpass political leanings. Too often are these notions are stripped from the media entities we currently have.
With Rabble, we are going to help give everyone who has a *thought out* opinion a voice and platform to tackle whatever that might be. As Matt Drudge said, “WHY ARE YOU PLAYING IN THEIR SANDBOX WHEN YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN?!”
I am ecstatic to work with everyone involved, incredible people, the best people. Together, we’re going to build something truly different. That is, perhaps, until my business partner realizes how crazy I am and organizes a hostile takeover or we get bought out by Google and I can retire on a billion and a half.
Stay tuned for our impending launch. 😉

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