Twinks4Trump: Taking American Politics By Storm

“The pictures do help lighten up the mood a bit or even diverge you from the stiffness and darkness of politics in general, taking you to a land of male beauty and sexual desire. The second, and more serious way is by looking at the project as a wake-up call. Regardless of race, background or sexual orientation, people are people and therefore entitled to support whichever party they wish. That’s called free will and backed by the First Amendment and opinions should be voiced, of course, in the right way and without harming the right and freedom of others who oppose to it, otherwise, we are no better than the crazy dictators in the East.”
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I twink di Donald Trump

“The photo project is the young creative New Yorker, Lucian Wintrich . The subjects: boys of the new Republican youth.Indeed, the twink, term became common use even in other languages, such as Italian, but not only, universalization of a category emanating from pornographic consumption interfaces. Candida, ignorant, fearless, free of any guilt, addicted to this, clinging with all his strength to the repeated and incessant epiphany of nothing materializes from moment to moment in their lives, on average, on their skin.” [Translated from Italian] via

In Defense of Artistic Expression

“The media and people’s reactions to this as a whole is baffling, and they have been doing everything they can to try to paint Lucian in a negative way with petty attempts at character assassination, misquoting him to come off in demeaning ways, and coercing his friends and the models he works with to denounce him. They’ve publicly called Lucian a “self-loathing homosexual,” and a “traitor” to gay people. Bill Maher went as far as to suggest Lucian undergo gay conversion therapy.”
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‘Twinks 4 Trump’ a sampling of humiliations the alt-right wants to inflict on you

“I’m not sure which is worse: A photographer who wants to shoot literal jizz on you, or one who tries to inseminate you with lies about how Trump will help the LGBT community. And yet, the idea of paying models to pose in Trump regalia while someone tries to woo them to the dark side is not necessarily at odds with the system proposed by members of the alt-right. In their ideal world, those with money and power will exist at the top of some social Darwinist food chain in which most people have no rights at all.”
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When right-wing politics and art meet: Twinks for Trump

“Lucian Wintrich is a New York-based photographer who wanted to fuse right-wing politics and pop culture. So he created a photo series called “Twinks for Trump;” think of it as Breitbart meets gay Tumblr.
The pictures premiered at the pro-LGBT “Wake Up!” party after the Republican National Convention and were so shocking that they were featured in Rolling Stone, IJ Review, and Broadly.
Wintrich told Red Alert Politics that he felt compelled to create the photo series because the left has dominated the arts.”
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More Bizarre GOP News: “Twinks For Trump” Scores Prominent Speaker

“Is this trolling IRL, and who’s trolling who? The original Twinks for Trump twitter account was a parody, and it tweeted a news article about the photos as though they were all part of the joke. But the photographer, Lucian Wintrich, seems to legitimately approve of Trump & company, and is not actually joking around. So who’s serious? Who’s not? Impossible to tell. Fortunately, almost all parties involved are deeply unimportant.”
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Make America Hairless Again: Sensual Photos of Twinks for Trump

If you like hairless bottoms, you may struggle to find the political message in the images, but Wintrich insists twinks are a natural fit for conservative culture and gets upset when people call his art performative. “I absolutely believe that gays should be conservative because the conservative party has historically been the party of freedom, from setting the slaves free”―he stutters, thinking for a recent example of Republicans fighting for individuals’ rights to freedom beyond owning guns―”to setting the slaves free.”
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Inside Milo’s “Gays for Trump”

“While they stood behind the Trump-Pence poster, all the speakers also stood in front of photography depicting young slim white men wearing “Make America great again” hats. These works are part of a series by art photographer Lucian Wintrich titled “Twinks4Trump.” Wintrich told Salon he will soon be having a Trump-themed gallery exhibit in New York City’s East Village.”
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‘Not as Fun as the Westboro Baptist Church’: Inside an RNC Gay Republican Party

“The gay Republicans filing into the event aren’t so much offended at the Jesus freaks that greet them, but disappointed. “This group is very tacky and not as fun as the Westboro Baptist Church,” says Lucian Wintrich, the budding conservative provocateur who takes photos of “Twinks for Trump” on his Instagram. “I wanted for a while to combine my love of twinks with my love of politics and Donald Trump,” Wintrich explains as we walk past blown-up portraits of slim, hairless, strong-jawed young men, posed like Grecian statues with their laurels replaced with “Make America Great Again” hats.”
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Inside RNC’s Hottest Ticket: The Big Gay Islamophobia Party

“Wake-Up! is both a convention of trolls, and a troll of the convention wrapping up its second night just up the street. On the walls are rich inkjet portraits of malnourished-looking white teenage boys in “Make America Great Again” hats: the “Twinks for Trump.” Besides Geller […] the headliners are world-famous bigot Geert Wilders and columnist Milo Yiannopoulos.”
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Sex, Booze, and Boehner’s Warehouse: An RNC Nightlife Recap

“Speaking of gay Republicans, the most talked-about party in media circles must have been the delightfully bizarre and mildly terrifying shindig thrown by Breitbart. Though Ann Coulter backed out at the last minute, guests were still treated to anti-Islam, pro-LGBT, anti-immigration, and pro-Trump speeches from far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders and Breitbart personality Milo Yiannopolous. In the audience, Internet trolls from Roosh V to Chuck C. Johnson and Lauren Southern mingled with “Twinks for Trump” and reporters from Vox, Vanity Fair, and The Washington Post.”
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#TwinksForTrump: LGBTQ Community Commemorates RNC, Did They Succeed Or Were They Just Harassed?

“The event space was beautifully concocted with #TwinksForTrumps portraits captured by Wintrich, according to Village Voice. The invites were also fabulous, and the party did not disappoint. Though everyone had a wonderful time, the leaders at the event took the opportunity to discuss more serious matters.
Read more at”
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‘Twinks 4 Trump’ RNC Party

“While they stood behind the Trump-Pence poster, all the speakers also stood in front of photography depicting young slim white men wearing “Make America great again” hats. These works are part of a series by art photographer Lucian Wintrich titled “Twinks4Trump.” Wintrich told Salon he will soon be having a Trump-themed gallery exhibit in New York City’s East Village.”
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Gay Republicans Throw WAKE UP Party at RNC 2016

“The event, called WAKE UP, was put on by controversial conservative commentators Pamela Geller and Milo Yiannopoulos. They billed it as “the most fab party at the RNC.” And while it did have a pop-heavy live DJ amid Lucian Wintrich’s photos of shirtless men wearing Make America Great Again baseball caps, it was more than a party — it was a gathering that included people who have been known to perpetrate Islamophobia and hurtful stereotypes of the religion here in America.”
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Pornceptual – Carnivorous Exotica

“Pornceptual is an online gallery and art platform that wants to de-contextualize pornography in its usual sense and show that an explicit sexual content can be considered art. They currently publish the work of professional and upcoming artists in the main section of the website. Below is a link for their post of Carnivorous Exotica, a photo and recipe project I shot in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles.”
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Bullett Magazine – Love Fades

“At the heart of this “morally bankrupt” scandal, which also involves Alig accusing Sommer of stealing his iPad, is the third installment of the filmmaker’s “Heartbreak” trilogy. Love Fades is “a meditation on love and heartbreak in the modern world,” starring buzzy Insta-celebrities Jennifer Medina, Bella McFadden, Lucian Wintrich and Alig, who muses about using Christian Dior face cream behind bars during the closing credits.”

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CMU Tartan – Acorns & Merlot

“Wintrich began producing the show after leaving Taylor Allderdice High School amid accusations of assaulting a security guard. Due to legal threats from a fanatical listener, he was unable to disclose the name of the school he currently attends. He explains the entire story behind transferring high schools in episode six, “Ms. Thorn and the Assault Set-Up.”
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Post Gazette – Acorns & Merlot

“Listening to the weekly podcast “Acorns & Merlot” is like overhearing a phone conversation between a couple of high school kids — sometimes rambling or illuminating, sometimes irreverent or crude … and often hilarious. In this case, the conversation takes place between two articulate and opinionated high school seniors who have been entertaining their peers, locally and now globally.”

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