Elements: Grill, Simmer, Bake

  • Back Story: SJS7 Holdings, LLC. was launching a new start-up to tap into the under-represented vegan community in Pittsburgh with weekly subscription meal plans; I was hired to strategize, plan marketing executions, name the business, and design all branding, packaging, and promotional materials.
  • Challenge: Create a brand that is both environmentally conscious and unique enough to attract the attention of vegan individuals and families living the vegan life style.
  • Research: Analysis of subscription delivery services in other markets (Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated, etc). Analysis of online commerce engines and subscription models. Research into the current Pittsburgh vegan market. In person and online interviews. Social listening.
  • Discovery: While it is common knowledge that people want to eat fresher and healthier meals, many people are unreceptive to things marketed ‘vegan’ as it has the connotation that it just won’t taste as good as what they’re used to.
  • Strategy: Market to both those wishing to live a healthier lifestyle and those already vegan. Branding that emphasizes the quality of the food rather than the idea that it’s vegan.
  • Execution: An Instagram campaign that got people sharing photos of great looking food that raised company awareness and increased follower count to 70k+ people. Promotion at local vegan festivals and events. Social media and Yelp campaigns that targeted those not only looking for vegan offerings, but healthier meal options in general. Environmentally conscious packaging was made from 100% biodegradable rice husk fiber. Promotional business cards were made from recycled seeded paper that grow herbs when planted in soil.

I was hired on a freelance basis to design all branding, packaging, plan marketing execution, and name the business itself.