Jordache: Unfaded

  • Back Story: Brand cachet declined in the 90s when Jordache began selling everything from socks to underwear. Since then, they have simplified their offerings and relaunched. But, with limited distribution and awareness, those that currently purchase their jeans do so for reasons other than the Jordache brand name.
  • Challenge: Raise awareness among middle class women aged 21-35 that Jordache is back. It’s no longer just a brand you’ll see if you get lucky at a thrift store.
  • Research: Analysis of competitors availability and the evolution of their historically successful campaigns. Interviews with the targeted demographic group at both mega stores (K-Mart, Walmart) and higher-end shops (Barney’s Co-Op, Saks, etc).
  • Discovery: Building from the notion that most women would “not want to be caught dead wearing the same thing”, is the discovery that many women would prefer to purchase low priced Jordache jeans (available in the $20 price range at certain megastores) to set themselves apart from a crowd that may spend $100+ for a pair of designer jeans that all their friends own. Their favorite pairs of jeans tend to be unique, and faded after years of frequent wear.
  • Strategy: Jordache is popular because it’s unique, it’s popular because it’s “not popular”.
  • Execution: In addition to a campaign running with the individuality that comes with owning Jordache jeans, we created a Twitter campaign that sends the “Jordache Unfaded Truck” to trade pairs of ‘faded’ and worn jeans for a new pair of Jordache jeans to create new and unique memories while wearing.

Jordache soars into popularity through an aggressive ad campaign that sets the company above the competition.

New Brand Mission Statement

Every season, the fashion bibles teach you what’s hot and what’s not. From cover to cover they chant beauty secrets, mismatches and ‘who wore it best’s’. But they aren’t just guiding you – they are also guiding the rest of the world. Instead of expressing yourself, you end up applying a fashion template.

But then there’s people who refuse to fit into a mold. They don’t care about the must-haves listed in Vogue – they care about personality. About staying true to who they are. So instead of floating with the mainstream, they dig in thrift stores, they steal their grandma’s old blazers. These people don’t shop for the night, they invest for life. Because at the end of the day– true fashion doesn’t fade away with the season. True fashion is timeless.

(Deck and additional applications of campaign available on request)

Lucian Wintrich AP
Jeane P Santillan AP
Leonardo Matarazzo AD
Agnes Uggla CW