Cornelius Applejack

June 21, 2014
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June 21, 2014 lwintrich

The first time I came across this stuff it was in Hudson Valley, NY while I was attending Bard College. The local liquor store, ‘Sipperley’s Grog Shop,’ was managed by a husky fellow with an affinity for ripped t-shirts and seemed to always carry with him a foul disposition. One day, however, his mood seemed light as so I asked about the bottle of Cornelius Applejack I saw behind the counter; he said it was distilled in the Hudson Valley by Harvest Spirits, and resembled calvados (a liquor distilled from apples). I took the plunge and purchased a bottle and WOW! I can’t even begin to describe how good it is. The labels claim that each bottle is distilled from over 60lb of apples, I’m inclined to believe it because you can really taste them. Now that I’m living in LA, where I’ve found it very difficult to find anything local or different than the typical run-of-the-mill spirits, I can’t help but have my mind wonder back to the Hudson Valley, the disgruntled liquor store manager, and one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.

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